Travel Insurance FAQ

You can compare multiple policies and choose the best plan that appeals to you on the basis of these points:

  • Coverage: Evaluate the coverage offered against the premium you would​ ​pay.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Make sure to check on the reputation of the insurance company in disposing claims and the speed of settlement.​
  • Customer Service: Check the competence on how they will handle travel emergencies in different geographical locations and time-zones.​
  • Exclusions and Deductibles: Know what's not covered in the policy. Remember that most insurers set a deductible amount, to be paid by the traveler during an emergency.

​E​v​ery insurance company that offers Travel Insurance has a network of​ i​nternational assistance companies or
partners who offer assistance in​ c​ase you need any help in a foreign land. They usually mention their contact
​ numbers in the respective policy documents.

They provide round-the-clock assistance. Register a claim. Coordinate with l​ocal service providers. Arrange for medical assistance. Organize for r​epatriation & evacuation services.

Travel Insurance Policy makes sure to cover most of all the major concerns of the traveller, including medical
emergency expenses, medical evacuation, and loss of baggage, flight cancellation and delays.

Most of these policies are designed keeping in mind the various unforeseen events that may lead to a financial
loss of the customer before or after the j​ourney begins.

The best time would be during the initial 15 days of your first deposit which gives you the advantage of a few
additional coverage. However, several insurers allow you to buy the insurance till the last day before you start
the journey.

​No, you cannot buy insurance after the trip has started. Most insurers don’t allow you to buy insurance on the
day the trip is about to start. It is necessary to buy the insurance before your departure, even if the trip is for a

These are some commonly accepted reasons by the insurance company for trip cancellation:

  • Injury or illness of the insured, or any immediate family member or a business partner.
  • Occurrence of a natural calamity or terrorism at the destination.​
  • In the case of bankruptcy of the tourist.

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