Fire and Engineering

We offer Insurance services for businesses of all sizes. It is important that all types of risks that businesses are exposed to are adequately covered. With wide range of business insurance solutions, now businesses can focus on their business. Relitrade Insurance Broking Provides core solutions like Fire & Allied Perils Insurance and Fire Consequential Loss Insurance to businesses. Even Large petrochemical complexes, state-of the-art power plants, highways connecting towns and cities, they are fraught with a multitude of risks throughout the development, construction and operation stages requiring the most comprehensive and complex insurance covers.

Property Risk Information:
  • Construction - Type of Construction
  • Occupancy - The Manufacturing Activity
  • Protection - Fire Protection and Safety Measures
  • Exposure - Surrounding and Catastrophe
  • Process description
  • Policy Details - Sum Insured
  • Loss History / claims experience
  • Insurance solutions for Chemical Units
Major Industries coming under this category would include:
  • Industrial inorganic chemicals
  • Plastic materials and resins
  • Paints, lacquers, varnishes
  • Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals
  • Man-made cellulose fibres and synthetic fibres
  • Industrial gases
  • Pharmaceuticals (both formulations & Bulk drugs)
  • Miscellaneous chemical products
Insurance Policies offered to these industries include:
  • Standard Fire & Allied Perils Insurance
  • Fire Loss Of Profits / Business Interruption Insurance
  • Industrial All Risk (IAR) Insurance
  • All these policies are Tariff Products and governed & regulated by Terms and conditions as laid down by IRDA.
Insurance solutions for Oil And Petroleum:
    Under this line of business, Some Insurance Companies provide cover to industries from Oil & Fertilizer sector. This may include:
  • Pipelines and terminals for the distribution to refining of crude natural gas/petroleum products
  • Petrochemical Complexes including Refineries etc. encompassing cracking of various
  • Hydrocarbons and the resulting production of petrochemicals
  • Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals
  • Risks associated with storage terminals
  • Fertilizer Industries
Insurance solutions for Utilities – Power Plants
  • Under this line of business, Some Insurance Companies provide property and breakdown insurance covers for most utilities and power generation risks.

Following Things to look for before buying Fire & Engineering Insurance

Fire and Allied Perils Protection
Boiler and Machinery Protection
Multinational Insurance Programme
Pesticides, Chemical & Industrial Gases Protection
Business Interruption Cover
Contractor’s All Risk protection
Consistent Coverage of Operations Worldwide

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