Taxi Insurance FAQ

The three major benefits of buying taxi insurance online are:

  • It is a quick and easy way to compare various taxi insurance policies from different insurance companies.
  • The benefit of getting many discounts that are only available online.
  • Smooth and simple procedures and claim-settlements.

​Yes, No-claim bonus can be transferred while changing your taxi insurance provider. An NCB certificated needs to be issued to be provided to the new insurer. It depends on the number of years for which you have not made
any claim. You cannot earn NCB on third-party damages.

Yes, you can opt to cover for passengers while buying a taxi insurance.

Yes, you can opt for this cover. You will get immediate help in the event of an engine failure, car break down or
similar casualties. The insurer will compensate the cost for the emergency transportation and the hotel

Comprehensive taxi insurance plan offers protection against accidental damages, accidents and thefts. The
insurer will compensate you for any damage as a result of landslides, floods, or any such casualties. Coverage is also provided for third-party damages.

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